WorkLab • Meeting

Designer: Baldanzi & Novelli

One piece of furniture, many features

WORKLAB is distinguished by an extremely wide range of applications, which are made almost perfect by the individual design possibilities and an abundance of well thought-out, freely selectable accessories. These include brackets, hooks and shelves that can be used to meet the requirements of every office space, whether it’s for fixing whiteboards or conveniently storing a backpack, a piece of clothing or even hanging plants. WORKLAB also offers integrated power solutions, so you can operate a TV monitor and you won’t have to worry about running out of power when working on a computer for long periods.


The changing attitudes to work are dictating the need for different types of furniture. Whereas in the past the focus was on individual work or activity-specific spaces, the emphasis is now on communication, collaboration and flexible office spaces that can change as needed.

A multifunctional, mobile piece of furniture that can be moved around the office to meet a wide range of needs, for both individual workers and teams. The furniture is not only comfortable, but also offers various playful design possibilities.

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With all these highly practical accessories and options, WORKLAB can be transformed to suit your needs: it can become a permanent workspace, or a much-loved temporary workstation in the office or even a comfortable piece of furniture for team tasks. Or maybe you’ll decide to use it as a handy, aesthetic shelving unit? WORKLAB has casters, so it can also be used to partition or shape any space.

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In today’s active office, travelling furniture offers even more flexibility. WORKLAB can be used as a mobile conference wall, writing board, temporary workstation, shelf or a room divider, exactly where you need to place it. Different materials and colours are used to create the look and feel that you want.

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