Nova Wood • Multipurpose


Due to your busy daily schedule, you often find yourself involved in an endless cycle of meetings, and in between those meetings you need a place to sit for a moment, to complete quick tasks or to exchange information with your colleagues.

The multipurpose NOVA Wood table is perfect for these situations.

It can be used in an easy-to-access, dynamic office area where you can create a space for meetings between members of different departments or teams working in different locations who would otherwise never cross each other’s paths.

Functional accessories, power options and castors for added mobility.

The shelving units will be a perfect place to accommodate water bottles or small office supplies. The office plants placed on top of the shelving units will help to create a more homely and private atmosphere.

The electrical solutions integrated into the tabletop will ensure convenient access to power for your meeting equipment.

Being aware of the fact that mobility and flexibility are a necessity in today’s offices, we have combined the durable structure of our multipurpose table with the option that will allow you to move the table easily from one place to another using the castors.


A touch of nature in your office !

With the help of accessories, you can create a functional and uniquely styled space.

Whether it is a brief stand-up meeting, an informal conversation between colleagues, a spontaneous team meeting, a lunch or coffee break in a lounge area – this table will definitely become a point of attraction for your meeting space. It can also serve as a great conversation starter. This will promote efficient cooperation and generation of ideas

as well as help you foster your corporate culture.