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A modern office has to meet many different requirements including
technical fit-outs, sustainability and design, while also meeting the
needs of the employees. To overcome this considerable challenge,
architects and designers choose modern furniture that best meets these
characteristics, in order to create the kind of office environment that
makes employees feel comfortable, productive and inspired to

Introducing COMBUS, a new shelving system created not only
for storage, but also for shaping office spaces.

Modular shelving system for shaping spaces


The COMBUS shelving system consists :

Shelving units – perfect for use in the middle of an office space or against a wall. This is a convenient solution particularly for zoning and fulfilling large spaces.

Planter shelf units – a suitable solution for smaller spaces; for example, partitioning and realization of workspaces.

Shelving units for mounting on cabinets – this option combines the possibilities of open and closed shelving, also lockable cabinets for storing items.


COMBUS consists of three main raw materials – metal, melamine and PET felt.

  • The metal is made from ≤100% recycled materials. Powder coating with low VOC emissions.
  • The melamine is made from ~25% recycled materials. Melamine is low in formaldehyde emissions and meet the strictest CARB 2 and E05 standards.
  • PET felt resembles wool, but is actually made from at least 50% recycled plastic.

The COMBUS collection has all the key features required to become an essential part of the modern office, where different types of spaces intertwine – it is functional, has an easily adaptable design and is environmentally friendly.

Technische fiches
COMBUS Product Information (pdf , 5.62 MB)