Tapa • Modular systems

Designer: Mac Stopa

The line of the Tapa pouffes has been designed to complement office spaces, reception areas and break-out zones.

Their unique design adds an exceptional character to an interior, creating an attractive and comfortable informal meeting place.


A harmonious team is a creative team

That's why, a space designed for holding informal meetings is crucial in contemporary offices.

Thanks to movable seats and aerodynamic shapes, Tapa can match any space ensuring the area is used by a few people at the same time.

Well-designed office spaces give you an opportunity to tell the story of your company and its values.

That is why the reception area is so important.

They say we only have seven seconds to make a good first impression.

With its sculptural form, the Tapa can become a symbol of modernity and flexibility.

Tapa’s informal look creates a friendly atmosphere and unleashes imagination and the courage to share it. With the modular design of the poufs, you can change configurations and layouts, while the set can be used by several people.

Because modern offices are meeting spaces more than anything else.

Technische fiches
TAPA CATALOGUE (pdf , 3.97 MB)