Surf • Ergonomische stoel

Designer: Justus Kolberg

Nowadays, a workplace can not be only defined by a dedicated space in an office.

As more and more employees work from home, the demand for a comfortable and functional working set-up is constantly increasing.

Due to its modern design, customizable features, and wide selection of colours, the SURF task chair will easily fit in any office or home environment. Add style to the interior by mixing and matching different tones of the backrest frame and mesh, lumbar support, armrests, base, as well as, seat upholstery.


Adjust your comfort level

The ergonomic features of this task chair allow users to stay focused even after long hours of work.

For more convenience, the chair can be easily adapted to individual user needs by adjusting the lumbar support, armrests, synchro mechanism, and seat.


With the new SURF task chair, comes the new Gabriel Runner mesh. The mesh design combines functionality and aesthetics in a surprising and exclusive way.

It was designed to give the furniture an inviting and intriguing surface, and with its updated colour range, it expands the possibilities of integrating the fabric into upholstery for different surroundings.

An inspiring design

The first impression is always important.

SURF will definitely stand out from the crowd thanks to its main distinctive feature – an appealing backrest silhouette resembling a windsurfing sail.

A unique shape combined with a palette of vivid colours will create a dynamic atmosphere, boost productivity, and bring waves of fresh ideas to your office.

The SURF swivel chair is the perfect combination of excellent design and undeniable seating comfort.

Add style to your office by mixing and matching the different tones of the frame, backrest mesh and seat upholstery, not forgetting the ergonomic lumbar support and armrests.

Technische fiches
SURF Product Information (pdf , 4.06 MB)
SURF Technical information (pdf , 0.74 MB)