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Office spaces are changing rapidly as more and more companies implement the activity-based work concept or “hot desking” system, where employees share their desks. Considering the fact that employees have various activities (individual or teamwork), they use different spaces and assigned desk is not necessary. However, it is essential to have a place for your belongings.

Lockers cater to the needs of employees who spend majority of their time working outside the office, have flexible work hours as well as the resident workers and office visitors.

Locker is a great tool to express your company’s culture

The number, layout and size of the cabinets and other storage spaces in the CHOICE modular furniture vary according to your individual office needs. “Valchromat” panels, PET felt and openwork metal give the storage system even more design, colour and functional options.

We offer a wide colour palette for your combinations

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Modular system

Modular locker cabinets CHOICE, a versatile solution for secure personal and office items storage.

You can personalize your locker and have a variety of combinations. CHOICE locker cabinets can be a colourful accent in your office and create expressive or reserved image.

A variety of sizes and box types fulfils different needs – from storing small personal and work tools to big-size items. Having a convenient and safe place to keep your personal items gives you peace of mind.

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