Soft Rock • Soft Seating

Designer: Christina Strand & Niels Hvass

A modular lounge seating system blends subtly into all kinds of lounge or work spaces for both public and private use and helps create a welcoming, safe and calm atmosphere for relaxation, informal meetings, collaborative or individual tasks.

Soft rock 11

SOFT ROCK is a flexible modular system consisting of lounge seaters available in different sizes and forms which can be easily combined or rearranged. This is why SOFT ROCK offers a simple way to make an efficient use of the space.

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Technology is an integral part of modern living. In order to meet your need for constant connectivity or, in other words, your need to always remain “connected”, the armrests of the SOFT ROCK furniture have in-built power sockets or fast charging USB (Type A+C) ports. SOFT ROCK lounge seating furniture offers its users a convenient way of charging their mobile phones, laptops or other smart devices.

Lounge areas, relaxation and play areas, small spaces within niches that can serve as coffee-points, open lounge islands and cosy one-person sheltered seating. All kinds of activities involves non-formal interactions or relaxation.

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