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SILENT ROOM … all you have to do is choose it!

With its special design, the SILENT ROOM ensures the right level of sound absorption which means that it blocks both incoming and outgoing noise. The internal acoustic walls have excellent sound absorption properties which help eliminate reverberation in the room allowing the users to enjoy a cosy and pleasant atmosphere. With their low operating noise, the fans in the acoustic pod are just as quiet as the sound of leaves rustling. Thus, they will not cause any distraction to the user inside the acoustic pod and those working outside in the shared setting.

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A convenient acoustic pod SILENT ROOM S designed for a single user is ideal for private phone conversations or video calls as well as for quick individual tasks that require some level of concentration.

The SILENT ROOM M can accommodate lounge seating, which features an eye-catching design and offers exceptional comfort, giving a more welcoming feel to this acoustic furniture. It will turn even the most prolonged face-to-face meetings into an enjoyable and relaxing experience.

The SILENT ROOM L acoustic pod has everything that is needed to ensure a high level of comfort for efficient team meetings. A regular table or a high table will easily accommodate four persons, who will have convenient access to electricity, whereas the wall-mounted display and the wide-angle webcam will allow those who work remotely join the meeting.

The SILENT ROOM XL space allows you to create a personalised setting that suits your teams’ needs best.

Creative freedom to customise your design

The design of your SILENT ROOM can be easily customised to match your office’s desired style and atmosphere.

The interior and exterior finish can be selected separately, giving you more control over the final product. With a choice between melamine and upholstery for the exterior finish, the SILENT ROOM can blend seamlessly into any office design.

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Choose SILENT ROOM acoustic pods to create functional work areas by dividing or opening interior spaces as necessary.

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