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Thanks to our wide range of products, we can react extremely flexibly to market needs.

We can furnish offices, banks, cloakrooms, offices, archives of many workplaces, companies and public offices, schools and libraries, hospitals and doctor's offices, car repair shops, locksmith shops and others ; in other words, EVERYWHERE.

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Quality through experience

Metal furniture has gained popularity in offices with its timeless design and high durability. Our products are fully welded - the rigid construction can carry heavy loads. Long-lasting furniture that meets GDPR document storage requirements is the comfort you deserve.

Timeless style and functionality combined with the strength of steel.

In response to market demand apart from our standard offer we also produce bespoke furniture.
Modern machinery and experienced technical crew allow us to accomplish even the most complicated orders.

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Our lockers has a wide range of configurations allowing it to meet even the highest expectations.

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