#Werken na de quarantaine maatregelen – Veranderingen in zicht

21 April 2020

The period we are currently experiencing will undoubtedly leave traces in our private lives, but also in the domain of the company. COVID-19 has disrupted our daily existence.

The standards we knew before this crisis are disappearing into thin air and we were certainly not prepared for this ! Today, priority is given to the numerical rather than the presence policy. Everything that seemed unthinkable until yesterday has become reality today. Could you, before mid-March, have imagined holding strategic meetings by telephone? Sit at home 24 hours a day? To stop cuddling your children? To have no more business lunches? Stop meeting your customers? Stop going to the doctor and having medical consultations by phone? Of course not !
Other radical change: our attitude towards priorities and time. Before the quarantine arrived, the majority of the active population was in a kind of "I'm overwhelmed with work" mode. Today, we're pulling the brake, scared to death of boredom. We wonder how to fill in the time meaningfully. Many of us are tidying up or cleaning up. We question ourselves and the values of the past. Will these values still be the same? Absolutely not.

And will our work organization change?

Without wanting to look into a crystal ball, we can still imagine that the workers will experience psychological effects. Will the company have to play a role in guiding the employees? Certainly it does !

Those who have been bored at home because of the lack of work or, in contrast, those who continue to deal with strategic files and have lost all sense of time or separation between work and private life, will come back to the office and will be destabilized again. Burn outs and bore outs will increase sharply. This is what the company has to deal with.

In addition to the employees, adjustments will also have to be made to the accommodation.

First and foremost, the reception of customers will have to be reconsidered. How do we set up our reception in complete safety? What will be made available? The reception will have to be completely reorganized.
Subsequently, it will be compulsory to maintain social distancing between workers for a whole period of time. The virus will certainly not disappear overnight. The precautions must be maintained. No more kissing, no more handshakes, one and a half meter distance...
This will certainly have an impact on the layout of the desks. As a manager, you will have to think about the redevelopment of the "landscape offices". Additional partitions will be necessary, the desks will have to be separated...

In the same vein, we can completely forget about the "flex office" (you know, you come into the office in the morning and take the first available desk, depending on your day job and your mood). What about the risk of contamination if these desks are not thoroughly disinfected every day !

The digital will gain in importance. Indeed, in the past the digital was a choice, now it has become an obligation. Something will certainly stick and every manager will at least have to think about it.

Finally, homeworking will gain in importance ... Instead of investing in m2 to provide everyone with a correct workplace, preference will be given to working from a distance. By necessity, a large number of company managers have had to acknowledge that this is possible and that it does not impede the quality of performance. The natural resistance that some employers but also employees had could completely disappear after the coronavirus.

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