#WORKATHOME - Tips and tools

21 April 2020

For many of us, working from home has become a new lifestyle. Usually, when we are at home, we have a lot to do, but this happens without thinking about work at the office.

In these difficult times, it is difficult to sit concentrated in front of the computer screen while there are so many chores waiting ... From one day to the next, we are forced to stay "in our room" 24 hours a day. This has seriously disrupted our daily life because we have to carry out a thorough professional activity within our family context.

If we want to remain productive, probably for a fairly long period of time, we should ask ourselves: "What environment will allow me to work quietly, without being bothered at all? »

Here are a few tips that will improve your quality of life and productivity:

Decorate your workplace
Install a place intended for your professional activity within your living space.

Make sure you have enough space but also enough daylight and lighting (ideally place your screen at 90° from the window to avoid reflection and eye strain).

Make sure you have an ergonomic office chair that you can adjust in such a way that no back or neck problems arise. Within OKA's product lines, we can recommend a wide range of ergonomic chairs that will certainly improve your comfort. For example, the Zen Mesh Manager is equipped with an adjustable synchronous mechanism, with padding of 40kg/m³ density on the seat, a tilting headrest and 3D armrests (adjustable in height, width and depth).

Finally, decorate your workspace. This will provide you with additional energy and, above all, give you a sense of well-being. A plant, a picture of the children or a pet, an inspiring painting ... Don't forget to tidy up this professional workplace. Nothing more depressing than to have to start a working day in total chaos.

If this is not possible, make concrete agreements and make sure everyone respects them. If possible, try to set up a room especially for your professional activity. When you are in this room, your partner and your children will understand that you are "unavailable".

Plan and respect priority rules
If you want to do your homework optimally, outline an organisation. In order to be able to work efficiently, it is necessary to be even better organised than when you go to the office. Draw up an exact schedule with clear objectives. To do this, give the actual priority level to your tasks (the Matrix Eisenhower can help with this). Divide your tasks according to 2 axes : Important and urgent. This will give you 4 quarter circles (IMPORTANT/Urgent) (IMPORTANT/ NOT Urgent) (NOT IMPORTANT/Urgent) (NOT IMPORTANT/ NOT Urgent) (NOT IMPORTANT/ NOT Urgent) ...

Setting the daily schedule and rituals
Integrating new habits and making them automatic, it's not easy. Nevertheless, everything must be done so that they can take an inseparable part of your life. In order to do this, daily life needs to be structured. Certain rituals certainly help ...
Organize your day exactly as if you were going to the office. Breakfast, lunch break as it should be ... but also appropriate clothing (better in jeans than in pyjamas). This will put your mind in work mode.

Take regular breaks
Blow it out. After all, staying focused for 8 hours is "mission impossible". Take regular breaks. Get up, give yourself a coffee, a glass of water or a snack, ...

An advantage of working from home: you can arrange your day as you wish. Fancy a break of half an hour to get some exercise? Do it! And without feeling guilty.

During your breaks, take your phone with you... Stay in touch with the outside world. You will undoubtedly miss contact with colleagues. It's vital to keep in touch with them. Call them from time to time to talk about ongoing projects and their home situation. You will feel less lonely and this will undoubtedly create a strong bond when you return to the office.

There are still a range of tips we could give you to make your homework a complete success ... Soon we will give you some more ideas about homeworking and about work in general ...

Take care of you and your loved ones.If you want to set up an outstanding workplace ... our team is ready to help you.