Since its foundation in the early 80’s, Oka Office Furniture has always been standing out as ‘the Belgian specialist’ in second hand office furniture!

Sure sounds like an ‘occasion’, doesn’t it?


Decreasing office surface

The contemporary emerging circular economy proves, if needed, the value of our early progressive strategic thinking.

What are we really up against today?

Many large companies in Belgium are cutting back on office space, often very recently equipped, and even more so since Covid facilitated increased working from home.

Also the recent moral principles of circular economy induce these large companies and their brand image, as leaders in their market, to ensure the excessive furniture is given a second life.

This is where Oka Office Furniture steps in with the power of it’s ‘OKA CIRCULAR’ section.

Giving old office furniture a new life

We have the logistical resources, our XL warehouse in Zaventem and transport facilities, and the commercial resources resulting from our 40 years of experience.

This enables us to connect these large companies’ demand to ensure a new life to their office furniture (often mint condition) and the small- and medium-sized companies’ demand to combine ecology and economy.

Today's managers and enterprises are highly aware of this reality and, being our customers, can find the answer to their expectations in the ‘OKA CIRCULAR’ section by Oka Office Furniture.

So ! What about you?