# Take good care - Don't forget to move

20 July 2020

One of the advantages of home working is certainly the fact that you don't have to move around. Away with the timetables, the morning commotion to catch the train and then the bus. No more traffic jams ! However, this undeniable advantage can quickly turn into a major health disadvantage if you do not take appropriate measures to keep fit.

Indeed, when you work from home, you will have less contact with your surroundings, which will put you in a negative spiral and you will, simply, forget to take good care of yourself. If there is no video meeting on the agenda, you dare to start working in pyjamas and sit in front of the computer screen all day with ... everything within reach! Without any effort, it is very easy to stay in front of the screen for whole hours, even whole weeks, which has a detrimental effect on yourself as well as on the work done. A human being is really not made to spend the day sitting and static !

The longer you remain seated, the more risk you run of cardio-vascular diseases. Ideally, the hours you work sitting down should be compensated by 60 minutes of intensive exercise every day.

Not easy !

Here are a few tips to prevent possible damage:

Get up regularly

Get up every 30 minutes (really no need to straighten up and do 20 pumping exercises immediately). Just stand up straight to get a glass of water (do not forget that it is recommended to drink 1.5 litres of water a day), to empty your mailbox, to water your plants, ... In short, just stretch your legs. You can also take advantage of yawning and stretch your legs (this feels very relaxing).

A handy tool is an ergonomic tabouret that will allow you to sit actively and keep your back muscles moving. If you are looking for it, OKA has it in its range: adjustable in height and quick to adjust thanks to the handle. This tabouret simply fits into any interior and will work wonders for your back.

Take an active lunch break

If you have a garden, take advantage of it to get some fresh air, walk to the end of the street. Your children are and are playing, play with conviction and don't hold back. The children will love it and you will reap the benefits.

Compensate for the time lost by taking a walk.

A trip to work is often experienced as lost time. Use this time to do a jogging, a walk or a ride by bike (taking into account social distancing measures of course). It is ideal to start the day with an outdoor activity (this increases your energy and will allow you to be concentrated and efficient over a long period of time !) A fun fact : count your steps (WHO recommends 10 000 steps a day). Set yourself an objective and make every effort to achieve this objective.

Work upright

Regularly alternating a sitting and standing posture can avoid serious health problems. Several studies indicate that working 20% standing up is already positive for your health. There are adjustable desks that easily allow you to switch from sitting to standing work. You will find them at OKA : the Kflex, available with a crank or electrically adjustable in height, but also Kflex+ with an ultra high performance motor and a bluetooth connection to make the necessary adjustments from your smartphone.

We suspect that you do not have such a desk at home. This should not prevent you from finding a creative solution (try occasionally to place your laptop on a kitchen cupboard or, why not, on an ironing board). Your body will thank you (legs, blood circulation, back, neck muscles, ...).

Take these good habits, before the end of the quarantine period and your return to the office.

Don't forget, OKA's sales team is at your disposal for any information you may need.

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