The modular TETRIS sofas fit perfectly in places that are looking for flexibility.
TETRIS boosts creativity by offering asymmetrical combinations while serving as a room divider.

Characteristics :

  • Easy to assemble.
  • Wooden structures, covered with polyurethane foam for excellent seating comfort.

Available in 8 modular elements (seat height of 40 cm) :

  • 1-seater sofa: H.76 x W.83 x D.76 cm.
  • Sofa 2 seats: H.76 x W.146 x D.76 cm.
  • 1-seater module : H.76 x W.61 x D.76 cm.
  • 2-seater module : H.76 x W.122 x D.76 cm.
  • 1-seater sofa with armrest right or left: H.76 x W.72 x D.76 cm.
  • Corner module: H.76 x W.62 x D.76 cm.
  • Rectangular ottoman: H.40 x W.62 x D.40 cm.
  • Triangular ottoman 90° angle: H.40 x W.112 x D.55 cm.
  • Triangular ottoman 45° angle : H.40 x W.63 x D.69 cm.

Available in 6 covers :

  • 14x BONDAÏ.
  • 10x BLOOM.
  • 17x XTREM.
  • 12x INCA.
  • 15x WOOL.

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