DOMINO is a collection of sofas that consists of various contemporary modules that make it possible to create different configurations for open-plan offices and relaxation areas.

Characteristics :

DOMINO offers simple ottomans, armchairs, modular left and right armrests and electrified modules.

DOMINO offers flexibility and creativity by responding to the constant need for versatile seating to solve seating problems in spaces that change with the pace of life.

3 fabric groups of your choice :

  • 17x SYNERGY.
  • 6x RNN.

Options :

  • Tablet.
  • Connector.

The DOMINO modules can harmoniously complement your COCOON cabin. See corresponding products.

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VAT incl.
Item number :NV5361DNA
Barcode : 1012370353074
Pouf DOMINO https://www.oka.be/en/products/psilpris-now-srec-domino-poef-domino 21080 21187 21294
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