OKA Circular

Used and second hand office furniture
Trade-in, shop and rental

OKA Circular

Trade-in office furniture

"Your old office will benefit others’’

Is your company changing, moving or closing? Do you want to say goodbye to office furniture that is still in good condition and give it a new life?

OKA offers a trade-in service for office furniture and accessories (artificial plants, decoration, lighting). We take back usable items right on-site, even with minor defects.

How to do this?

Contact us to receive a trade-in offer for your old office furniture.

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Does your furniture comply with the OKA Circular criteria?

✔ The office furniture is complete and in good condition
✔ The trade-in does not include hardware, home appliances, genuine live plants or spare parts
✔ The lot is located in Belgium

Sale of refurbished office furniture

"A unique office in line with your values.’’

Do you want to purchase unique materials to furnish your office while reducing your costs? Do you want to be consistent with your organization's circular economy and CSR values?

OKA offers a service for the sale of exhibition, end-of-season, rental return and used office furniture and accessories.

This includes office furniture, artificial plants, decoration and lighting. We guarantee the functionality of the furniture: each piece is carefully cleaned, inspected and reconditioned by our quality control.

To buy used office furniture, be sure to visit our outlet!

Rental office furniture

"The solution for more flexibility.’’

Is your business growing and you need quality furniture temporarily?

OKA offers a selection of new and used office furniture for rent. Rental furniture can be picked up immediately.

Contact us for all office furniture rental requests.

"Reducing your environmental impact also means making a conscious choice of office furniture supplier."

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