Rent office furniture

Rent office furniture

Looking for office furniture for a certain period? At OKA Office Furniture, you can rent almost everything: chairs, office chairs, desks, tables, filing cabinets, partitions, wardrobes, ....

Contact us and we will gladly advise you when looking for the right office furniture. Call us on 02 254 02 10 or send an email to

Renting office furniture at OKA Location is very easy and fast. You contact us and we advise you on the right choice of office furniture. Once we have chosen the right office furniture, we choose together a desired delivery or removal date. If you opt for a delivery, we will deliver the office furniture for rent on site to the desired location.

If you wish, we can make a presentation in 3D and have a better vision of your office space. This makes it easy for you to choose. OKA location has been in the business for over 30 years.

At the end of the rental period, you can easily extend the rental period, or if it suits you better to buy the office furniture. If you do not want one of the solutions above, we will simply remove the office furniture, you can also bring it back yourself. All this is clearly agreed in advance between us.

Advantages of renting office furniture?

  • You can rent office furniture in the short or long term
  • You can rent office furniture for a busier time
  • Hold meetings or temporary seminars
  • You have an apartment or a temporary project

Do you want to lease office furniture?

At OKA you can lease office furniture under very favorable conditions. You pay a fixed amount per month, so you do not have to pay a large amount in one go.

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