Leasing of office furniture

Leasing of office furniture

Are you worried about the image of your company, the comfort of your employees?

But are you reluctant to use the necessary financial resources for your own reasons?

You don't want to spend your budget and you want to keep more resources to invest in your core activities?

Net zoals u ervoor kiest om uw auto of andere kapitaalgoederen te huren, biedt het huren van kantoormeubilair op middellange tot lange termijn vele voordelen:

  • It has new, ergonomic and trendy furniture for a monthly fixed price. And a spread of the expenditure over time;
  • The ability to replenish your furniture over time;
  • Maintain your liquidity and don't take any financial risks;
  • No deposit required;
  • Keep your credit limits intact and use them if necessary for economically crucial investments;
  • Avoid impact on your accounting balance sheet;
  • Considerable tax benefits for your business (deduction of costs).

At the end of your financing, we leave you the choice:

  • Keep the furniture for a residual value of 10%.
  • Stop the rent. We automatically take back the rented furniture.
  • Stop the rental and start a new contract with new furniture.

With OKA, nothing is thrown away!

Our rented products are suitable to give them a second life. There is also environmental responsibility for office furniture.