Welcome to this new way to furnish your workspace !

At OKA Office Furniture you rent your office furniture for a fixed amount per month.

Welcome to this new way to furnish your workspace !
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Don't buy office furniture, simply lease it.

Whether you are a start-up company that wants to furnish a temporary space or a large company that likes to experiment with new furnishings, leasing office furniture is a flexible, sustainable and affordable solution.

OKA Office Furniture, thanks to its cooperation with BNP Paribas Fortis, is a fast and flexible partner for leasing modern and high-quality office furniture.


Just as you choose to lease your car or other investment goods, medium or even long term, lease your office furniture and keep your capital free for other important things, while enjoying more comfort and high quality designer furniture.

Leasing your office furniture offers a number of advantages :

  • New, ergonomic and trendy furniture for a fixed monthly fee and spreading your expenses at an extremely competitive interest rate ;
  • Maintaining your cash flow without financial risk ;
  • No need to pay a deposit ;
  • Avoid the impact on your balance sheet ;
  • Significant tax advantages for your company (deduction of expenses).

Who can apply for leasing and what products do we offer ?

All sectors can benefit from our extensive range of stylish and contemporary office furniture, including desks, ergonomic chairs, large conference tables...in short, everything else you need to keep your workplace as efficient and productive as possible.

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