History of OKA

Timeline oka 0009 1979

- 1979 -
Foundation of OKA
by Pierre Moorkens
With the concept of the sale of second-hand office furniture.

Timeline oka 0008 1985

- 1985 -
Integration of OKA within Moorkens Projects
(subsidiary of the Moorkens group and owner of the GDB International concept)

Timeline oka 0007 1997

- 1997 -
Moorkens Projects was elected "Company of the Year" (Ernst and young / Fortis Bank) Moorkens Projects receives the Award from the Foreign Trade Agency from the hands of Prince Philippe.

Timeline oka 0006 2004

- 2004 -
Acquisition of OKA by Yves Dykmans
(formerly General Director of Moorkens Projects and developer of GDB International)

Timeline oka 0005 2006

- 2006 -
Publication of OKA's first catalog
: 20 pages and the launch of a new collection of exclusive office furniture

Timeline oka 0004 2008

- 2008 -
Publication of OKA's second catalog
: 36 pages with a significant increase in the supply of professional office furniture

Timeline oka 0003 2011

- 2011 -
Publication of the third catalog
of OKA: 68 pages and dedicated to new office furniture: the offer is becoming increasingly professional with a considerable increase in the available stock.

Timeline oka 0002 2014

- 2014 -
Publication of the fourth catalog
of OKA: 132 pages and confirmation of OKA as an important player in the distribution of office furniture, with the emphasis on customer service.

Timeline oka 0001 2016

- 2016 -
Publication of the fifth catalog of OKA: 228 pages with professional office furniture available from stock. OKA can definitely be seen as an important player in the office furniture market.

Timeline oka 0000 2019

- 2019 -
OKA has started the preparation of the new catalog: 288 pages of office furniture, for the large part will be available from stock, everything will run even more around ergonomics.

Timeline oka 0000 2020

- 2020 -
OKA has launched their new catalog!